White Discharge Before Periods

White Discharge Before Periods

Women get normal vaginal discharge in the form of cervical mucus. The discharge is actually produced in 6 different stages. There are different pathologies regarding the type of White Discharge from Vagina before period start. They might occur due to any imbalance in the body or any of these components. It can be curdy, cream like with a fishy and bad smell also can be a little foamy and might come with other liquids and admixtures too. So we recommend that before thinking or preceding for anything for your white discharge before your period, you must consult your doctor to define and discuss the appropriate pathology with the help of examination.

White Discharge Before Periods

Periodicity of white discharge before period

Before the start of the period you will feel constant production of cervical mucus . The amount of this vaginal mucus depends on how much cervical mucus is there. Cervical mucus is prodcued by the glands located in cervical mucus lining. And it is regulated by the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body of the woman. These hormones play a major role in pregnancy and menstrual cycles.

  1. Dry days are when period starts and there is no practical estrogen activity and hence no vaginal discharge. Chances of conception are minimal to none. No cervical mucus present as its main focus is to assist and create favorable environment for sperms to swim and contributes to their successful encounter with the egg awaiting for them.
  2. After 3-4 days of the period started, it is now followed by white thick discharge, which is less or more comfortable for fertilization of the egg.
  3. After some other few days the vaginal discharge starts to acquire softer structure appearing in the form of milky white cream like mucus.
  4. In the next stage, of vaginal discharge, you will see a profuse liquid from your vagina. This is pretty normal and is actually needed for fertilization of the egg.
  5. Now you will see a sticky but clear vaginal discharge and is highly suitable for the encounter of the both of sperms and eggs and is also known as egg white stage preceding ovulation stage.
  6. Now this white discharge before a period starts getting thicker and thicker after the eggs gets released from the follicles.

Pathological milky white vaginal discharge

You should only need to worry about your white vaginal discharge if it appears in the form of admixtures. White vaginal discharge with a bad or fishy smell and changes in the consistency of your period can be a cause of concern and your doctor might need to examine the pathology of the milky white vaginal discharge to check if there is an issue needed to be addressed. If you feel any irritation in skin and membrane of your sex organs develop something odd, do take it serious and check for any issue with your white vaginal discharge.

These are some of the things which might be of concern regarding your milky white discharge.

Creamy Stinky Discharge

Apart from any kind of vaginal infection, you might also be effected by dysbacteriosis. It involves substitution  of lactobacteria which also makes a part of microflora. These pathogenic micro organisms develop in creating a rough environment of immune system and immune deficiency is created. In this case, not only your vagina is itchy but your white discharge starts getting fishy smell, which creates a huge irritation in the vaginal area.

Curdy Discharge

This curdy discharge is a type of white discharge in the vagina occurs due to the fungal infection. Its the most common infection many women face. Due to this fungal infection of the vagina, curdy white discharge with acidic smell and a bit of vaginal smelling and reddening of mucus membrane might also occur.

Clear Watery Discharge

The clear watery vaginal discharge might be due to multiple conditions prevailing. It is usually not obsereved in post menopause period but it might accompany some serious pathologies like cancer or ectopic pregnancy. If ectopic pregnancy is the case, then this would not be a clear and transparent watery discharge, rather it would contain some blood with painful sensations feelings when discharge occurs.


White Discharge Before Periods

Foamy white discharge from the vagina can also be a cause of concern. It feels bubbles in profuse liquid discharge and  might be a sign of trichomoniasis which is sexually contracted diseases and is very rare.

Milky white discharge

The addition of different admixtures in the milky white discharge like that of blood or something might be a cause of concern and must be took seriously. If you feel the blood in the milky white discharge from your vagina it can point out to problems like hormonal dysfunction, sexually transmitted disease, microtraumas, infliction during intercourse or oncological factors of the uterus or the cervix.

So if any of these odd changes occur in your vaginal discharge – in color or consistency or amount of the white discharge before your period the female should be really concerned and consult her gynecologist as soon as possible. These different pathologies in the white discharge of the vagina can have serious body impacts and must be resolved timely and properly.

  1. Thus, changes of color, consistency or amount of white discharge before period should urge the woman to consult a gynecologist. Since only the specialist can define the nature or the etiology of changes, prescribing adequate therapy.
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White Discharge Before Periods
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